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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Thank you for visiting my site! It is my hope to keep this blog regularly updated with information and links to articles that are relevant not only for the individuals and families that I serve, but the community as well. As my website is going live during the Coronavirus pandemic, I suspect several of my first posts will pertain to managing this "new normal" - which feels anything but normal - that we're in and how to support your children while also taking care of yourself. The first few weeks of the school closures were likely a "honeymoon period" for most families; perhaps your child is one who struggles in school or has behavior challenges in the larger class setting, or perhaps they have anxiety and being in school is a challenge in and of itself. If that is the case, your child probably seemed more well-adjusted in the first few weeks home. As time goes on, however, and families can no longer have outings at the beach, restaurants, movie theaters, and parks are closed, and stores limit the number of people allowed inside with you, it is likely that some "cabin fever" may be settling in. Especially if you're in an area where it's been raining a lot! (Or for my mainland readers, where it's still cold and possibly even snowing!) Therefore, in the very near future, I will be sharing various resources and activities that I've come across in the few weeks that might be helpful in navigating this time. Thanks again for stopping by and please check back soon!

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